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Local Learning ProjectMarlo and the surrounding Gippsland area are home to some amazing and magnificent flora and fauna, with a wide range of landscapes and plenty of history.

The students attending the Snowy River Campus often come from a range of environments and backgrounds; we think it’s important for them to develop a sense of place and awareness for the area they will be spending nine weeks of their lives in.

Students work in groups of three to four on a local topic that interests them and develop a workshop to present/teach to a small group of local primary students. The chosen topic needs to be carefully planned and well thought out. The workshops run the whole day and engage the primary students in a range of activities throughout the day.

The aim of the workshop is not only to develop a heightened awareness of the local environment but to also work on skills such as communication, research, teamwork, presentation skills, public speaking, negotiation, planning and organisation among other things. The students evaluate each other throughout the day and use the information from peer and teacher feedback to help guide them in the development and delivery of future presentations.

This project provides a great opportunity for students to interact, learn and engage different types of learners and above all, have a great time!

Local Learning Project - Student Reflections


“LLP Day was great; everyone had fun and learnt a lot! I really enjoyed teaching and learning from the primary students. Our LLP presentation was about aboriginal rock art. We spoke about what rock art is, why and how it was made. After our presentation the students were given rocks to paint, they seemed to really enjoy getting involved and having hands-on activities”.
Sarah - Preston Girls Term 4 2008
“During the workshop, I felt that I went well but I should have used cue cards instead of reading off the board”..... “For our team to work well together I assisted in organising things for people to do, co-operated and listened to other people’s ideas”.
Kelsey - Bairnsdale Term 4 2008
“For our LLP workshop we talked about snakes and what species are found in the local area. We also talked about how to avoid getting bitten; we gave them a demonstration of a snake bite and taught them how to bandage it. The topic was fairly easy and the Marlo students seemed to think it was fun. We went on a walk to zone 3 and showed the types of habits some species of snakes can be found. I thought I did well in most of the areas of the presentation but I lost my cue cards and had to read off the board. So I could have been more organised and prepared on the day. Overall, it was great, the kids had fun and the Fawkner boys thought they did great!"
Andrew - Fawkner Term 4 2008

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