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School for Student Leadership is 10 years old this year, and to celebrate we are seeking memories from past students, families, parents, carers, staff, teachers from home schools, anyone who has been touched by our program.... from all campus’s to share here.

What was your favourite thing at SSL – Expos? Bike riding? Staff? Roommates? What was it like being away, or having your child away, or making a new friend, or completing your CLP....Tell us about your time at SSL, what are you favourite moments and lessons, tell us about your memories.

Don't forget to include the term and year you were at a SSL Campus.

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  1. Best place ever><img src=" />
  2. well it was fun haha and i made a lot of cool friendzz,, [[iiloveyohh abby haha :p]] [[inside joke]] and umm the teachers were pretty cool [[miss moore your a legend!!]] xxxx:-)
  3. SRC is the best place i've ever been to. i really miss it and everyone. :) The last night of camp was awesome. We all had a disco and then a bonfire afterwards. It was so much fun. But at the same time.. it was really sad because we had to leave the next day... :'(

    it was the best experience ever:) i would do it again if i could. :-)
  4. OMG! best place in the world....i had so much fun. learnt so much..made awesome friends...and awesome memories...

    the last night was so emotional...everyone cried SO MUCH! hjahaha love it:-*><img src=" />:-):P8-);-)
  5. term 3 2009 had to be the best experience of our lives, the 9 week journey changed us forever. some of our favourite things included:
    -expo- playing games on the beach at night ;) having gossip sessions in tents. walking instead of canooeing and having a totally unique expo from every other expo group.
    -surfing- learning a new skill. wipping out continuosly. Lars purposly making faces so you would stack it.
    -The Party Bus- Abosuluting pumping the speakers, playing bonkers over and over.
    -having the best liason teachers- (Mr Bourke and Miss Stevens)
    Thankyou so much for the memories we will keep forever
    we treasure our time spent with the friends we made there and will never forget
    SRC term 3 2009 (the best!!)
    -Katrina Simmons & Susan Skinner (Werrimull P-12 school):'(
  6. WooHoo Congratulations Mr.Reeves!!!

    P.S. I am actually at Snowy River Campus Right Now! Just starting the fourth week. =D
  7. SRC would have to be one of the best things i have ever done! i mostly loved it for the people i met. My room mate carly is the sweetest thing ever!
    i would write something about all my close friends from SRC but then i would have to wrtie about 44 people.=)
    Also i loved the outdoors stuff. SRC is a once in a lifetime experience and i am so gald i did it! =)
  8. Snowy River Campus.. Best place I have ever been! Best memories and experiences I have!.. Thank you so much to all of the teachers who made it possible and most of all; the students, my friends, who made it absolutely amazing!.. Once in a lifetime opportunity which has given me life-long friends.. I have taken so much away from those 9 weeks and will forever be greatful. THANK YOU and GOODLUCK to future students :-) Xxx
    If your actions inspire others to dream more,
    learn more, do more and become more,
    you are a leader.
    John Quincy Adams
  9. SRC is amazing! It's the best experience i've ever had! I made so many new friends and spent the best 9 weeks of my life there! I learned so much and have so many memorable moments. Caving was one of my favourite experiences i had there. The last night is also very memorable, what a fun night! 8-)All the staff and teachers are amazing! Thanks for everything! I miss it every day, wish i could go back with the same group of people.. i love you guys! :-)
  10. Words just cannot describe this place. Over such a short period of nine weeks I was able to grow more than I ever thought possible. I don't think that in my lifetime I have ever smiled :-), laughed :-D and cried :'( so much just over one thing. From my journey at SRC I have gained so many skills to help me with my life, faced multiple fears, learnt so much about myself and made friendships that will last with me hopefully over my entire lifetime. I cannot thank the staff an teachers enough for everything that they have done, they are truly the biggest legends ever.
  11. Going to SRC was the best choice of my life. At first I was nervous about going, but as soon as I started getting to know people I felt right at home. I learnt so much from the staff and other students, and what I did learn will stay with me forever. I am now so much more confident in everything I do. Thank you to SRC, and to all the other people who went, for making it the best 9 weeks of my life :-)
  12. SRC is the best place you could attend! Well Done Mr Reeves on a 10year success :-D
  13. Snowy river term four 09, was the ahh u can't even explain the positive impact it has had on my life, I'm changed forever, i met THE most amazing people and i really miss it. i miss waking up to 43 of my fav people in the world and THE most amazing teachers.
    I cried:'( for days at end after leaving! i hate being back because i know nothing in the world will top the feeling i had when i was at snowy.
    Thank you soo much i will never forget anyone or anything. i hope to visit soon!
    YIPPY SKIPPY!!!!!!!!
    Jenna :-D
  14. OMGS! I MISS THIS PLACE SO MUCH, ROOM 28 BAYBEE, Lol i miss Mr Brown and Mrs Brown. :) :) :) i beat MRS Brown at chess. i think i beat Mr Brown once. i want to thank all the teachers for everything :) im still using the skills i learnt. lol i watch the teachers at SASC do their CPR course yesterday, i know what they went through. Havent used first aid yet :/ lol. OMG i remember the hot night where Emily got everyone up and ran around, we got in trouble the next morning. lol PLUNGER! I miss SRC i have to go back. i considered failing year 9 twice to kum back :) thought nahh i shouldnt. C you guys soon:-*
  15. omg.. one year passed and SRC is having their 10 year anniversary? how fast? time flies aye? like the saying goes..

    hmmm the fond memories I had, will not be forgotten!
    the people and everlasting friendships! SRC, forever in my dreams and heart..
  16. Wow time flies.
    I miss SRC. It was so amazing and one of the best experiences of my whole life.
    Expos and anything with 2A was probably the best thing at Snowy. oh and finding Snowy the Duck!!
    Miss. Stevens and Mr. Bourke are the bomb
    term 3 was the best term ever :)><img src=" />><img src=" />
  17. SRC! best place ever, i miss everyone so much, thanks to all the amazing teachers that helped us through our journey! im so glad i did it, i made heaps of great friends, one of which is still my best friend to this day! :D
  18. Erk, I miss this place so much :'(
  19. :-D:8-) SRC was so much fun....i had the best time ever...&& yes this is my second comment but ooh well.haha.i made some awesome friends..mel(STOP KNOCJING[inside joke], abby, josh, lachie, sean(my extreamly smart lil brother), georgie, amanda,, ayan,, jayde, breaden, braden, kim(lov you), alex (****) hahahah lovee you baabee[also an inside joke].& everyone else i met there.MT.RAYMOND.I HATE YOU! seriously i had fun but i will never, ever, EVER climb that stupid mountain again. suicide i tell you. ohh and congrats Mrs.Stevens.
    girls in room 18. YOU ROCK. i was on the top bunk all term...had some good times in that room...me && georgie[my roomiie] decorated it with celaphane. haha georgie is now afraid of celaphane. good times. headcount #17, I LOVE YOU BAABEE! ahaha, try and beat the record of fastest headcount. a second off. lol. but yeahh. have fun..take it everthing cos it goes really fast && take heaps of photos. any ways.
  20. SRC was the most fun of my life. I made awesome friends there and my roomie was the best! Funniest memory was when me and Ellie fell out of the canoe before we'd even started the whole day of canoeing on expo. It was a very wet trip but so good! Foxholes on the beach. Happy days...
  21. SRC was the best place i have been to, i don't think anything will be as good as what i've done at snowy (so students of this term... try as hard as you can with all the things you do):-D
  22. SRC was some of the best 9 weeks of my life i made heaps of new friends some of which i still keep in contact with. SRC was a great experience there are not many things that compare to it.I recently completed another leadership opportunity the young endeavour which was awesome and i recommend to anyone who is looking for something similar to SRC.:-)
  23. Src was a great place 4 me and everyone there in T1 2010. I think the teachers wanted to kill some of us but by the end it was a brilliant experience and something i will never forget and also the teachers are great at there job and make it and even better place !! :-)
  24. Ellie darcy: SRC was awesome, there were so many awesome people and staff! it was the most fun ever. All the memories were wicked! funniest was when me and Hannah Urwin fell in at the start of the expo like before we had even started! It was so muddy, but still it wasn't our fault. I am glad no one saw us though. My room mate was totally awesome and made my experience easier and way cooler. We were the talkative ones who were the last to stop talking! I can't thank all the staff who are all brilliant at doing what they love with so much enthusiasm. The teachers were all pretty cool like DJ sandals and Mr Reeves with those wicked Ray bans8-) and the driving abilities of all the staff:P. Especially not closing the door while going to bridge building and all of the logs nearly coming out! good times;] hope this camp runs for a lot longer;] Ellie
  25. ST BEAUTYY!! :-D
    , far i misses everyone including ms merrITT haha
  26. My time at Snowy River was the best time of my LIFE!!!!!! If i had the chance to go again i would.
  27. THIS WAS THE BEST PLACE I HAVE EVER BEEN 2...well my rooms way better :-D i thank all the teachers at snowy river for making the time i spent at snowy river so good.8 hope u all at snowy river right now have a great time seeing as this is the last weak:-)
  28. Its was the best thing of my life,
    Thank you :-D
  29. it is the most LEGENDEST (that is now a word) place ever!! you meet the most coolest people and have the most best time...+( i want to go back it was that great!! i would live there if i could!! and miss.howard is a legend who steals pens!:-D love it
    Quoted girl dorm wall:
    "än eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind":P
  30. hollllla its sarah and ash from term 3 (obviously). we're back at our home school right now and hating it! we miss src so much.! it really sucks not being there because its just the best place in the world. we learnt so so much that we're putting in place back home. every person from snowy river has touched our lives in one way or another, and will be in our hearts forever.
    ILY src. sarah and ash. xxx:\
  31. Best thing i have ever done! loved every second of it and all the people i met! i wish i could go again! Howie, if your still working there...HELLO from your best friend CHUCKY!!! ;-)
  32. Woohooo first person from term 3 '10!
    SRC was one of the coolest things i done in my life, ahd heaps and heaps of fun and made plenty of new friends

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