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Daylesford SC, The Blowhole, Term 1, 2008

CLP School Details

School: Daylesford SC
Students: Verity Rowbotham, Georgia Biggs, Nathan Hook, Jackson Liversidge, Cullyn Millar, Christopher Stone-Meadows.
Liaison Teacher: Mr Barry McDonald
SRC Teacher: Mr Jordan Smith
Term: Term 1, 2008

Project Overview

Aim: We hope to engage our local community in cleaning up one of the key features of our local environment- “The Blowhole”.

Background: We have grown up enjoying summer days swimming and spending time down around The Blowhole. We were concerned about the amount of litter and degradation which has taken place and we wanted the community to take action.

Key Information: We will organise a community event to clean up and celebrate such an iconic local area. We have organised weed identification sheets and weeding equipment. We are also planting native trees and installing new tables, chairs, bins and signage. We are raising funds within our school, gaining local sponsorship and also working with the local primary schools to get younger students involved in the process. We are advertising the event by speaking on local radio and by putting up flyers around town.

SRC Work Summary

  • We have been working hard on organizing dates, materials, sponsors, plans and people for our community clean up day.
  • We have completed our master plan. Our master plan outlines- who we are, what our project is, the details of the project, our school and our time at SRC.
  • We have made a day plan for the day at the local primary school for our project days.
  • We have prepared activities for the primary school visit.
  • We have organised advertising and media with our support team back at home.
  • We have made posters, weed identification charts and a short film to present.
  • We have organised funding for our event through running sausage sizzles and free clothes days back at home.
  • We have organised the dates for when we get back home.

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Work Examples

FileDescriptionFile sizeLast Modified
Download this file (daylesford-flyer1.pdf)The Blowhole - Flyer 1 113 Kb05/10/08 09:24
Download this file (daylesford-flyer2.pdf)The Blowhole - Flyer 2 108 Kb05/10/08 09:25
Download this file (daylesford-flyer3.pdf)The Blowhole - Flyer 3 60 Kb05/10/08 09:25
Download this file (daylesford-flyer4.pdf)The Blowhole - Flyer 4 127 Kb05/10/08 09:25
Download this file (weed-info-sheets.pdf)Weed Info Sheets 545 Kb05/10/08 09:29

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