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It's officially the last week and preparations for departure are beginning to take place! Everyone is in a rush to complete their passport, the documentary and anything else they can squeeze in to the final few days. Today was Clara’s 16th birthday and Tallon’s 15th. It’s been a fun day with colourful dress and chocolate cake for the occasion. Tomorrow we will be getting the second half of the deal with Tallon’s marble cake.

2A had their raft building today and the last group, 1B, will be doing theirs tomorrow in the suspected rain that is to come. This will be all of the groups last activity off campus and will be compared to one of their first challenges as a team, bridge building.

We also had our last session at spirit spot last Saturday; just one of the many reminders that our blissful time here is quickly coming to a teary, sorrowful end. We’ll just have to make the most of our last few days together!

By Matt and Tallon, Snowy River Campus Students, Term 3 2014




Last Day Print E-mail

Last night the cooking committee held a formal dinner. We all got dolled up and enjoyed a delicious three course meal. After the meal we danced the night away! A fun night was enjoyed by all. It is our last full day here at Snowy and we are all a bit sad about leaving. Tonight we have a closing ceremony down at the fire pit (grandma.) One by one, we will read out a closing statement about our time here and where we wish to be in ten years from now. We are expecting the closing ceremony to be quite emotional but understand it is a nice way to finish off our time here. We have all really enjoyed our time here and will take away so many new things. The friendships we have formed are really strong and they will last us a life time.

 "Don't cry because it’s over, smile because it happened."

By Milly and Issy, Snowy River Campus Students, Term 3 2014




Community service and personal preparation Print E-mail

We were fortunate enough to have the options of going to Lochiel House which is a retirement village, or gardening as part of our community service class this morning followed by personal preparation time.

Half of us stayed back and we completed our community service doing work in the garden, we replanted, built new veggie patches, made a whole new layout and upgraded the surrounding area, it was a great day to get out in the sun.

The other half of the community went to the retirement village, Lochiel House to give back to the local community. We played games, listened to music, sung and overall talked to the residents of the village which was extremely enjoyable and rewarding.

In the afternoon, we had personal preparation time to start packing our bags, cleaning our rooms, taking photos off the server and putting them on USBs and overall other things to prepare for leaving this incredible place. It was an amazing day, as it extracted many different emotions ranging from excitement and happiness, from not only the rewarding community service, but from knowing that we get to see our family and friends in three days time, to disappointment knowing that we are reaching the end of this amazing adventure and knowing how much we’re going to miss all the people we have met and the lifestyle here.

By James and Lucy, Snowy River Campus Term 3 2014 Students




The Last Surf Print E-mail

Everyone has now completed their final surfing lesson. Over the period of four lessons we have learnt how to paddle, catch a wave, the different techniques of standing up and how to turn the board. We have all really enjoyed these lessons at the beach and give a big thank you to the surf instructors Mel, Pete and Phil!

We have all walked away from these lessons with our heads held high and now either a level 1 or a level 2 in surfing.

I have really enjoyed my time surfing and was sad to finish our last lesson. However, the waves today were pretty small and it was like trying to surf in a bay or a lake, which was a bit disappointing. I have done my best to make the most out of all my opportunities to surf whilst being here, as I really love the sport and I don't get the opportunity to surf at home.- Caitlin

Surfing for me was really good. I really enjoyed it, even though the waves weren't that big. I tried my best to get level 2 but I don't think I did. But the day was still very enjoyable. When I get home I hope to continue surfing for recreation. - Reanna

Last night Reanna and I had the opportunity to run an evening class (gender night). This was a great opportunity for us to improve our leadership and public speaking skills.

By Reanna and Caitlin




So Close, but yet so far Print E-mail

So close, yet so far

Well, well, well. Today was our last Saturday Rest day. Our next rest day is Thursday next week and the week after that, we'll be going home! We enjoyed the day going surfing and working on our passports. Many of us got a good amount of our passports done which was really good and everyone's looks amazing. Melanie Grossman put on Shrek, one of her personal favourites and those who didn't go surfing, watched that in the meeting room. I (Jamie) got to work on the veggie garden a bit more, closer to achieving my personal goal of finishing it! And I (Mia) got to complete some of my passport which is my personal goal!

By Jamie and Mia

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