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Yesterday, 30th of October 2014, I was one of the student leaders, the other being Dylan. It was a great chance and nowhere near as scary as I originally feared it would be. The talk with the other schools in the morning was really good and it was great to know some of the issues (like Milo and sugar restrictions) were happening there too. It was also nice just being in contact with people outside our campus who are actually experiencing similar situations as me.

Getting everyone’s attention after morning class was definitely the hardest bit but the rest of the day was very fulfilling. For morning class I had LLP (local learning project), which was really good because my group is much ahead of track with it all. I’m doing mine with Nathan, Brayden and Jasim and we’re doing an orienteering activity that consist of showing younger students had to read a basic map and then sending them out on a pirate themed treasure hunt in groups. This treasure hunt would include some hidden clues and activities along the way until the reach the end and they get the mighty treasure. LLP is a fairly fun class but passport 4 was evening better because we had an artist called Cynthia come in and talk to us about the different types of portrait drawings and then gave us an opportunity to have a go at it. The person I was drawing was Brayden and neither of the two styles I drew (basic shape or a never ending portrait) seemed to end up looking like him but they weren’t too bad… I guess. Either way it was fun being taught by a professional in the field a skill we can actually use in our passport. It was quite a good change up after the other, not so eventful, passport classes.
When it came to choosing what table was up first for dinner it was a funny yet difficult thing to choose since everyone was suddenly your best friend and pulling the saddest puppy dog faces. Another hard thing to do was to watch everyone eat when I was so hungry, but all up the dinner was worth the wait.

Our evening class was run by three Food For Thought members (David, Josh and Tiffany). We were put into pairs and told to research a certain topic. I learnt quite a bit from the other groups on actually how much we waste; I also learnt that Nathan and Tejay were definitely the people to choose if you ever want to make a guilt tripping video.

But all up being a student leader was definitely an awarding experience and did help me talk to everyone in the community, and not just my friends, which is a nice way of properly getting to know everyone.

Courtney- Camperdown College




Bridget and Johari's Rest Day Print E-mail

Bridget and Johari's Rest Day

Yesterday was our second rest day and it was a very productive day for most of us. Some people went surfing, some stayed back at campus to cook and work on passports. In the evening we had our Market Night, which everybody in the community got involved in. There was yummy food (rumballs, popcorn, ice-cream & pancakes), face painting, fortune telling, mystery boxes, card tricks, crafts, hair chalk, and hair dressing. Over all it was a very enjoyable night.

Something that I have enjoyed is surfing. I pretty much was waiting for that class since day one. On Friday I had my first surf lesson, it was a lot harder than I thought but I still stood up on the board a few times in the end. Yesterday was a rest day so me and a few others went to Cape Conran and had a surf. The waves were bigger and a lot more aggressive than when I had the lesson but I still stood up. I would say that the most fun part of surfing is wiping out. I got dunked like so many times, I thought I was going to drown but of course I didn’t. This was my first time surfing and I already Love it!!!!

By Johari - Victoria University and Bridget- Camperdown College   




Inspiring Leadership Print E-mail

The day Jasim and I were student leaders we had a very busy day. In the morning Hayley Bolding came and talked to us. A few years ago she had won the Australian of the Year Award. Hayley shared her experiences in India and travelling memories with our community. She was very inspirational and gave some great advice about travelling and gap years after high school.

After Morning tea we broke up into different countries. USA, Norway, Australia and Egypt. We focused on different types of leadership such as democratic, autocratic and relaxed and when to use these styles of leadership. There was five rotations that each country went to my favourite was leadertube. The room was set out like a mini cinema and we watched clips about leadership. Over all it was a very busy and inspiring day and everyone enjoyed the leadership carnival and Hayley bolding interesting and inspiring story.  

Snowy River Campus Students




Ride to Marlo Print E-mail

Ride to Marlo

Today saw 2B do a 16km bike ride into Marlo and back. They broke into two groups consisting of six people each. The ride into Marlo saw the group battling a fierce headwind, but the group persisted only stopping for a quick photo at one the lookouts. On arrival they flew down the hill towards the jetty in order to take a group photo. It was only after the photo that they realised that the hill was a lot steeper going up than it was going down. They eventually got to the top and with sore legs they decided to crash at the local playground. With renewed enthusiasm the group played merrily on the child sized play equipment. After recouping each group set of towards home, with the promise of afternoon tea awaiting them back at Campus, the groups quickly pushed on. With the tail wind behind them they made excellent time, making it back with ten minutes to spare. The group quickly put away the gear and moved inside to dine upon freshly baked, still warm banana muffins. Mmmmm.

Will - Timboon P-12




Persevering through the Waves Print E-mail

Persevering through the Waves

It was our first session of surfing and the waves were great because everyone was wiping out with a face full of sand, our mighty surf instructors Mel and Pete from the Surf Shack rocked up to East Cape Conran to teach us our gnarly surfing skills to rip up the waves on our perfect sunny day and not a cloud to be seen. We practiced on the beach before going into the water so when we went in we were the most skilled people ever to be seen on the beach. Together we all ran towards the beach to hit the waves but when we touched the water our feet were swept away by the huge oncoming waves that were bigger than all of us, we all persevered through the giant waves and made it to the outer water where we caught the monsters to the beach and celebrated with some well-deserved cookies. After our surf we felt like our arms would fall off from all the paddling but in the end it was worth it and on top of that we had to carry the surfboards up the huge hill to the safety of the surf bus. Once we got back we had a water fight which drenched everyone. No one was safe.

Tejay - North Geelong & Niamh - Timboon P-12

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