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Being at Snowy River Campus is a completely different experience than what I expected. But that is actually a very good thing because since my older brother was here last year at the exact same time that I am here now, I thought that he would have given most of the things away when he was telling us about it, but luckily he didn’t. One of my favourite experiences while being here so far has been Thinking and Learning. During Thinking and Learning, we were able to find out how we and other people learn, if it is by Aural, Reading, Writing, and Kinesthetic. We had to take a test which is called a HBDI test, or otherwise known as the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument. When we took this test, we had to circle some statements that best represent ourselves. Then once this is finished, we had to determine how we best think. There are four quadrants of the brain. Rational, Safekeeping, Experimental and Feeling. There are also two sides of the brain. Left and Right. If you are a logical and/or organised thinker, you are a left brain thinker. If you like to take risks and/or are emotional, you are a right brain thinker. When I received my results, I was a right brain thinker. I was definitely a Feeling and Experimental thinker. I liked to take risks more than being emotional, but still more than being logical and organised. Once finding out my own feedback, it was really interesting to know what some of the other student’s results were.

Tess - Mt Clear College




Groms be ripping it up at SRC! Print E-mail

On the 23rd of October we (Anastasija and Oskar) were the student leaders for the day. Our highlights include surfing, ILP and getting to know everyone better. Oskar’s goal for the day was thinking more about how he can be an influence on others for example teaching students surfing skills, he proved to be a good teacher and provided great support to his team. Anastasija’s goal for the day was to be organised for headcounts, she improved during the day and inspired others to be prepared 5 minutes before headcount.

Yesterday 2A and 2B ripped it up on gnarly swells of about 1-1.5 metres and had some sick waves being shredded to bits. Today 1A and 1B also got the newbie groms out on the beach to have their first SRC surf lesson and totally ripped 20 by the end of the day.

Anastasija and Oskar




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The highlight of the past week would be "Market Night", where the community got together to celebrate a night of activities and stalls for our enjoyment and pleasure.

Market Night

We had extreme laughter and were intoxicated with euphoria. We had to come up with ideas of what we wanted to sell and that was our stall. We were each provided with $50 of fake currency to spend on any stall. Before class everyone lined up to the get the best spot for their stall. Lauren C, Liam, Kaitlin and I ran the arts and crafts stall where everyone was welcome to come and create their very own memoirs e.g. cards, paper cranes, letters of different sorts etc. there was a variety of discreet stalls for instance there was the pancake stall, popcorn stall, tea leaf reading, fortune tellers, hair dye, face painting, ice cream, magicians and lastly rum balls. Food ran out within 20 minutes so that was the crestfallen part of the night. Many photos were taken of the night. Market night will be remembered as a night of happiness and frivolities.

Jasim – Braybrook Secondary College




Expo Skills and Leadership-ness Print E-mail

Being student leader was intimidating at first but as the day went on it got easier to talk in front of everyone. Getting people to listen was complicated at some points but with the power of being leader it made it easier to get their attention. The whole experience was challenging but we overcame every problem, and it was also very fun to have the power to be a leader to the community.

Our (Tom and Bethany’s) favourite class this week was on Tuesday when we had expo skills. 1B worked really well together in helping each other set up tents and lunch.

Bethany from St Albans Secondary College, and Tom from Oberon High School




The Mighty Marlo Challenge Print E-mail

The Mighty Marlo Challenge

On only the third day of being here at the Snowy River Campus we were faced with the mighty Marlo Challenge; a challenge so grand that I had to add a 'mighty' to it which barely grasps its magnitude. Most of us dressed up for the occasion. I for one had to focus on the intimidating task ahead. We were told to bring our cameras and it was left at that.  We were taken in buses, some of us had to wait and play ping pong. But when we all got down there we were given the task of taking pictures of things one of the members in our group had to remember. We all ran around franticly searching, endlessly searching for the most points but at the end of the day the worthy winners were…were…the Warriors at a legendary score 208!

Warrick - Portland SC

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