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The greatest highlight for the past week for me would be ‘Minute to Win It’, in this Core 2 came together in the common room to battle it out in a series of game like competitions to claim the ultimate title of TATTADAA! Minute to Win it Champions of term 4, 2014! It all began at 7:30 pm. Every one settled down and without further a-due the Student Leaders (Kavitha and I) began the class. In more detail ‘Minute to Win It’ is a series of challenges that have to be completed in a minute or a time trial. Each challenge was scored differently. I was the commentator and host for the night. All competitors created their own teams and team names. There were different types of activities, for instance:

  • Ping Pong Ball in to the Bucket Hat.
  •  Weetbix whistle
  • Bounce the ping pong ball off the table and into the bucket.
  • Bean bag into hoop
  • Blow the tennis ball across the line
  • Stack the five apples

This I assume will be the highlight for many students for the past week, because this was a great night with joy, laughter, tears and sweat.

Jasim - Braybrook College




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Toria and Niamh's Awesome Enviro Bike Ride

Toria and Niamh went on an o for awesome Enviro Bike Ride with the rest of 2B on Tuesday! First we had the environment side of the ride, which was the Enviro Class. We learnt about the logging coupe, the coupe boundary, the native habitats and different kinds of trees within the coupe and how they were all cut down for furniture, building supplies and firewood. We also learnt about the 80 year regrowth and regeneration cycle of logging. For the second half of the class we had the Bike Ride! It was a 30km ride back to campus up and down steep hills, along flat and rocky tracks and a beautiful stop at the Cabbage Tree Palms. Eventually we rode along the smooth bitumen that led us all the way back to campus. It was a tiring but exciting and super fun day and we'd love to go again!

By Toria (Braybrook College) and Niamh (Timboon P-12 School)




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Community T-Shirts

Today was the Enviro Bike Ride. In the morning, we got in the bus with 2B, who were on the way to Expo 2. They dropped us of, about 30kms from Snowy River Campus and we basically had to ride home. We rode for hours, on sealed roads and unsealed roads (and some that hardly counted as roads at all). We stopped at the picturesque Cabbage Tree Creek. Birds called from their hidden perches amongst the trees and reeds swayed like mermaid hair in the creek. We all shared something special we had found along our walk. Anie shared a frond of Maiden Fern and James just said being with us was special. When it came to my turn, I said, “I love the sounds of the forest.” And a car chose that moment to start in the car-park next to us.

Overall, the bike ride was good fun. We learnt a lot about the deforestation that has happened around the area and all felt very inspired to do something about it.

By Rose - Oberon HS




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So yesterday afternoon the food for thought committee did their thing. We were broken into three categories; Upper class, middle class and plebs. The upper class citizens were allowed an hour of free time, before being served a three course meal, consisting of; an entree of the finest garlic bread, a delicate plate of fresh, organic vegetables, and exquisitely crumbed fish, lightly seared. For desert, they were served a sumptuous chocolate brownie, all to be washed down with a rich, soothing glass of sparkling cranberry juice. The middle class citizens had an hour to spend time playing basketball with the family. For dinner they were served a simple but pleasant plate of fish and vegetables, with a comforting chocolate brownie to top it all off. The plebs, however, were subjected cruelly to an hour of back-breakingly difficult labour, with the searing evening sun beating down on them. After that they were delegated a meagre bowl of sticky rice, washed down with dirty water. They were then psychologically tortured by being forced to watch the upper class gents eat their lovely meal.

The night was a success and not only did we have a fun time but we learnt a lot about wealth distribution, what exactly is going on over-seas and what we can do to help. We all walked away with slightly depressing thoughts bouncing around in our heads, but maybe that will inspire at least some of us to do something about it.

Will and Josh- Timboon P-12




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The past week was full of challenges but I managed to do my personal best to be responsible for my tasks. Generally, it was a very enjoyable and memorable week.
 I went on the second Expo which was amazing with lots of water fights during canoeing and I achieved my goal successfully which was to choose appropriate time to make jokes and speak to my teammates and teachers respectfully. The team goal was also achieved. We put a lot of effort in and worked as hard as we could to be the best team we could be.

The next activity we did was caving. I learnt a lot from the excursion about how caves were formed, how old they were… The best one was that we had to crawl through some small gaps in different caves. When I met this small wombat hole, I felt hopeless because I could see the size of it was about 2/3 of my body. But unbelievably, I made it through with excitement. I got stuck when my head got in, my shoulders were a bit oversized but I pushed myself to the limit because I really wanted to go through it so it would be hopeless if I went back.
I have realised how important it is to be part of the community in SRC. The staff and friends were very supportive and easy to get along with and I am very proud that I have the opportunity to be here and I really appreciate it so I will perform my best for this last 3 weeks. To be honest, I will feel very emotional when it is the last day here and I really want to fail year 9 so I can come back here again. That’s how desperate I am to be here again. 

Phuoc- St. Albans SC

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