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Raft Building Down at the Slips Print E-mail

Today, 2A had raft building down at the slips for the whole day. The aim of the day was to further understand what makes a team function better and to be able to work well in team and to communicate better. I think that we were all able to both work well as a team and communicate despite being the last week of our time at Snowy River Campus. 2A were successfully able to build a raft and have it float. We eventually had to try it in the water to make sure that it was actually able to float, and luckily it was. I think everyone had a really fun day and we are all going to miss one another because we had come to the conclusion of our last outdoor team activity.

Tess - Mount Clear College




CLP Day Print E-mail

Day 56 here at Snowy and I'm really beginning to understand the quote "don’t count the days, make the days count!" Everything is flying by so quickly! 

Yesterday we had the day we’ve been waiting for which was CLP day! I was lucky enough to be chosen to represent Snowy in the morning as Student Leader with David which was a massive honour! My nerves were going crazy all morning however the moment I stepped behind the podium all my nerves disappeared! This is all thanks to the massive support the staff and students gave me beforehand and I doubt the day would of went as well as it did if it hadn’t of been for their help.

Here at Snowy everyone has bonded so much! I no longer view them as Students and Staff I now just look at each and every one of them as family. 

We have all grown up so much since the beginning and I now no longer recognise myself, I now see the girl I always strived to be in the past and for that I am eternally grateful to Snowy River Campus.

Snowy will always be my home and I wish the students of 2015 and many many years after that they too have the time of their lives and to treat each day like it’s their last!





Liam's Final Expo Print E-mail
Final Expo

On the 26th of November Expo core 2A returned from our Expo. We were all very excited to come back to campus from Expo. It was one of the most enjoyable and hardest things we have done together. We were able to catch up with 2B who finished their Expo today. Everyone here is incredibly excited by how close to the end we are, but we are all also very busy working. We are all a very close-knit bunch and we have become very close. As the countdown to the end is drawing near we are all creating as many great memories as possible.

Liam: Mt Clear College




The Ayeee Team's 2nd Expo Print E-mail

On the 24th of this month, 2A set off on our second Expedition. In the week before I was feeling a bit nervous to be leaving campus to go into the wilderness for three days. But with the help from the rest of the team these nerves were settled and I felt quite positive to be on Expo. I really enjoyed how well our team worked together, we all encouraged and supported each other. On the first day we completed a 9km walk and 1.5km canoe to our first camp site. Once at the campsite we had lots of time to set-up and then go fishing. Even though no one caught a fish, Oskar caught a fishing rod, which was quite entertaining considering as he was reeling it in he claimed the “fish” was fighting back. On the second day we did a 10km canoe down the Brodribb River to our camp-site for the night. Because we were all feeling so motivated, we decided to get up at 4:30am on the third day so we could conquer the feared Mount Raymond. Once we arrived at the mountain we questioned why it really was feared, because we hiked it with ease, thanks to the positive vibe in our Expo team. When we were nearly at the top of the mountain we were greeted with hugs and smiles by 2B who were just beginning their Expo. Seeing them was a highlight of my trip! When we arrived at campus we were welcomed back by the whole community, it was good to see everybody again! Overall it was a really good experience and I’m glad I got to be a part of it.

By Bridget, Camperdown College.




The Challenge Print E-mail

Today I was student leader for the third time. It proved to be a lot more difficult than the first time and I had much less confidence. My voice projection was horrible but improved throughout the day as my peers gave me some feedback in the morning.

Something that was definitely a big challenge today was getting everyone to headcount on time and starting them with enough time to have announcements and start class on time. This was a challenge as many people were late to headcounts and a lot of them were unprepared too. Courtney and I had a challenge for the community though, for whoever spoke during headcounts got their name put on the board and they sat on a ‘naughty table’ which got picked last for every mealtime. With this challenge no one ended up talking during headcounts which was a relief as neither Courtney, nor I, wanted to put anyone’s name up on the board. Though the day was rough and I kind of let Courtney talk for most of it. I still think at the end of it I had completed my goal of being more confident and having efficient headcounts. It was a great day though and “sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.”

Bethany - St Albans SC

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