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Tomorrow's Expedition Surprise Print E-mail
Expedition Surprise

Tomorrow will be another big test for not only me but also for 1B. We will be going on our second expedition and this time it is even longer. I cannot wait to get started as I am really excited to see what is in store for us this time. After our adventurous walk last time who knows what could happen. One big thing that I am looking forward to is the scenery, because last time where we stayed it just took my breath away.  All I can say is bring on the challenge and let's see what is in store.

James- Oberon HS

So tomorrow 1B and I will be setting off on our second and last expo. It will be a three day hike starting at Mt Raymond and then traveling down by walking and canoeing. It will be a test not only physically but also a test of our friendships and how we'll be actually all working together. I am looking forward to the beautiful scenery and the wildlife. I have learned to not know what to expect and I think that there will be many surprises during this final expo.

Anita- Copperfield College




Indigenous Walk Print E-mail

Today the students of Snowy River Campus went on our Indigenous walk, with some of the local Gunai people. We learnt about the local indigenous peoples past and present history.

We looked at how the Gunai lived before European settlement all the way through the massacres and missions of East Gippsland to now. We also looked at what 'men's business' and 'women's business' entailed. As part of the session looked at the men's work, we made rope in a traditional way using Yellow Stringybark, looked at tools and artefacts and went on a walk to find stones that could be used as tools. After morning tea, we looked at 'woman’s business'. This included basket weaving, eel fishing and the gathering of plants for use as food and medicine. It was a very enjoyable and powerful day. I now have a lot of information for my passport.

David- Braybrook College             



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Gender Day

Today we had our gender day. At nine o'clock core two split up into boys and girls and got on separate busses and headed out to Cape Conoran. The boys had surfing, so we paddled out into the sick curls that the beach offered us. Oskar's surf report only said one to one point three meter swell but we had massive waves. It was great being out there with all of the boys; we had a great time in the waves. After that we headed up to the picnic area and had our lunch and a game of soccer. My team, consisting of myself, Josh, Oskar and Mr den Otter won 7 to 5 goals. After that we went down to West Cape and had our photography class. This was a great way to spend an afternoon and I have found something I would like to do more in the future. It was great working with a professional photographer like David Tatnall.  He spoke and taught us well and we all had fun. All in all we had a fab time and I hope that we can do something like this again.

Euan- Timboon P-12 School




Jen's Spirit Spot Print E-mail

The last few days at the Snowy River Campus have been filled with excitement and adventure. There's never a dull moment at Snowy River, we are always busy doing something like canoeing, surfing, snorkelling, having guest speakers, movie making and my favourite, visiting the relaxing sand dunes. We have Spirit Spot every Saturday where we walk to the sand dunes and do our daily DEARR there. We concentrate on our senses and enjoy the calming surroundings.
Here's one of my entries;

Senses at the sand dunes;
I am sitting on top of the slope of the sand dunes and have an amazing view above everyone.
I feel at peace with myself, very calm, relaxed.
I feel undisturbed and worry-less.
I feel the slight breeze flowing through my hair.
I see everyone spread out nicely, doing their work as they should.
I see the tree tops and beyond that is the vast open ocean.
I hear the serenading, majestic sounds of the ocean waves.
I hear the chirping of the native birds.
I smell the unpolluted, pure, fresh air.

Jen's Spirit Spot

Despite the struggle, hardship and sore legs we have to deal with getting to the dunes, it is all worth it in the end. I know I will miss going to the sand dunes when my SRC journey ends so I am making the most of every visit. Appreciating the outdoors and nature while I can.

Jennifer - Victoria University SC




Don’t count the days either… make the days count - Nathan Print E-mail

3 days till parent visiting weekend, which seems to be what is on the majority of people’s minds. Everyone is thinking about food, Social media and what movies their going to watch. But no one is thinking about what we are missing here at Snowy. We have done so much. There are new friendships being formed (and some ‘special ones’…, we have developed a range of new skills and have been exposed to things we wouldn’t have previously. We’ve been on expo, went surfing, built a bridge, had numerous guest speakers and had some truly awesome/eye-opening classes. But what are the students here thinking about… food. Cherish every moment we have here people, we really don’t know what we’ve got till it’s gone. Don’t count the days either… make the days count.

Nathan - Braybrook College

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